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Starting Primary School (5 to 11)

What is it

When do you need to apply?

Do you have a child born between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015?

If so you must apply for your child to start primary school in September 2019 by Tuesday 15 January 2019.

Before you apply for a school place

Read the School Admissions brochure 2019 - available online shortly.

The brochure contains a lot of useful information on making your application, choosing your schools, frequently asked questions and all of the schools' individual criteria and contact details.

This handy admissions criteria calculator tool will help you find out which criteria your application will meet and the distance from your home address to the school.

Please be aware that this can only calculate distances from Hillingdon borough addresses, if you live outside of Hillingdon and would like to calculate your distance to a school please use this distance calculator.

Book onto our information sessions, which are being held for parents/guardians to explain the application process. Spaces are limited and you must book your place to attend

Applying for a school place


From the 1 September 2018 you will be able to start completing your child's application.

Online application

Closing date for applications is Tuesday 15 January 2019.

To give your child the best possible chance of being offered their preferred school, please ensure your application is received on time. Hillingdon council can not be held responsible for any delays in the post or problems with internet providers; we would therefore recommend that you submit your application by Friday 11 January 2019 to ensure it is received on time.

If you are having difficulties making an application online please find instructions below on how to create and complete an online application.



Admissions criteria

Following a thorough consultation the admissions criteria for all Hillingdon Community Schools will change for children who are due to start school in September 2017. Please see our full determined arrangements and criteria below.

School Criteria

School boundary

Community School admissions criteria


Deanesfield Primary School admissions


Frithwood Primary School admissions criteria

Frithwood Primary School boundary priority area

Harmondsworth Primary School admissions criteria

Harmondsworth Primary School priority boundary

Heathrow Primary School admissions criteria

Heathrow Primary School priority boundary area

Proof of address

You are required to submit Proof of address information 2019

Supplementary information

If you are considering applying to a school that considers faith as a criterion you must complete a supplementary information form (SIF). The completed SIF must be returned to the school or address cited on the school's criteria.

The following schools consider faith as a criterion, please select the name of the school to obtain a supplementary form.


Information on furthest distances offered for Community, Academies, Foundation and Free Schools.

September 2018 allocation data

September 2017 allocation data

September 2016 allocation data

September 2015 Allocation data

September 2014 Allocation data

September 2013 Allocation data

September 2012 Allocation data

September 2011 Allocation data

Useful information

Useful websites


Guidance on the education of children outside their chronological year group

LA report to the Schools Adjudicator

Contact details

For further information, please contact the School Placement and Admissions team.

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