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Types of school places for children with SEND


Different school options suit different young people but all schools should be welcoming to children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and use their best endeavours to make sure they are appropriately supported. 

Below are possible school options for children and young people with SEND in Hillingdon.

Mainstream School

In line with Hillingdon's philosophy on Inclusion, most children and young people with SEND should be educated in mainstream schools, including those with Education, Health and Care Plans (ECHP)which was previously called a Statement of SEN.

Many children and young people with additional learning needs can make better, more sustained progress academically and socially if they are able to attend mainstream schools with their peers.

Hillingdon has an Accessibility Strategy that over time will ensure that all it's schools are accessible for children and young people with SEND.

Mainstream schools have money in their delegated budget to support children and young people with SEND which is called Element 2 funding. Element 2 funding is used for students requiring more help at "SEN Support" level (previously called "school action" and "school action plus"). 

Schools are now required to have information about how they provide support for children and young people with Special Educational Needs clearly visible on the schools own website. This is called a School SEN Information Report. Information about how this process works can be found in this document.

Expectations on Mainstream Schools v2016 - 01.09.17

Educational settings make a range of ordinarily available provision for all children and young people, including those with SEND from the resources available to them. This guidance on Ordinarily Available Provision can support schools / settings in developing their provision for pupils with SEND to be more consistent with that in the majority of schools.

Where the special education provision for a young person or appropriate arrangements cannot be met in a maintained or academy mainstream school, consideration will be given to a placement in more specialist arrangements.

Specialist Resourced Provisions

Hillingdon has developed a number of primary and secondary aged provisions called Specialist Resource Provisions (SRP) in maintained or academy schools. Children and young people attending these are on the role of the mainstream school but have access to a range of additional benefits, such as smaller groups, specialist teachers and teaching assistants and a range of dedicated additional therapy options. There is also a specialist space for an individual or small work group.

Where SRP provision is not adequate, the local authority will consider the use of a special school.

The SRPs in the borough are at: Cherry Lane Primary SchoolCoteford Junior SchoolDeanesfield Primary SchoolGlebe Primary SchoolHarlington SchoolMeadow High SchoolMoorcroft SchoolNorthwood SchoolPentland Field School, Pinkwell Primary, St Martins SchoolThe Acorns - Hayes Park Primary SchoolVyners SchoolYoung People's Academy.

Special schools

Within the Hillingdon area there are a number of maintained or academy special schools that provide for a range of special education needs.

If there is no space in a year group or no school appropriate to a young person's educational needs then parents can express a preference for:

  • A non-maintained special school. These are special schools operated by charities or trustees and operate on a not-for-profit basis.
  • An independent school. These schools are privately run and generally the parent company seeks to make a profit.

Where parents express a preference for either of the above types of school they should first check that they have been approved by the Secretary of State for Education under Section 41 of the Children and Families Act 2014 and that the school has indicated it can meet their child's needs and there is space in the school.

Find out more about special schools and colleges  approved under section 41 in England and Wales

The Local Authority will always consult with schools identified as parental preference, whilst also consulting with local educational settings in parallel. This will ensure the Local Authority gives consideration to efficient use of public resources, in conjunction with the wishes of parents when making a decision to name a setting within a Final EHC Plan.

To find out more about the schools in Hillingdon and nearby authorities, look at the Department for Education’s website

SEND Capital Plan information

Hillingdon council have compiled their SEND Capital Plan and supporting documents.

Special_provision plan May 2019 final.pdf

SEND Capital Provision Plan update May 2019 Final.pdf

SEND Demand and Capacity Summary May 2019 Final.pdf

Last reviewed: 06/06/2019

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