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Disability Living Allowance


Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for children is a benefit which is paid to help with the extra costs of looking after a child who is under 16 and has difficulties walking or needs more looking after than a child of the same age without a disability.

This benefit was replaced by Personal Independence Payment (PIP) in April 2013 for people aged over 16.

Eligibility and how to claim

There is a set eligibility criteria for claiming DLA for children which can be found here.

To make a claim for DLA, you can download a claim form from the website.

Further information

DLA can only be claimed for children under 16. Anyone aged over 16 must claim PIP.

You can claim DLA for a child as long as you look after them as if you're their parent. This can include step parents, guardians, grandparents, foster parents and even older brothers or sisters.

DLA cannot be backdated. The date of the claim is usually the date the form is received. It usually takes around 40 working days for a claim to be dealt with.

More information on DLA for children can be found here.

Information on PIP can be found here.

For people already in receipt of DLA

You can keep on getting DLA if you are under 16 years old or if you were born on or before 8 April 1948. You will continue to receive DLA until the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) invites you to apply for PIP. You don't need to do anything until DWP writes to you about your DLA unless your circumstances change.

Last reviewed: 26/09/2017

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