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Education, Health and Care Plans


The majority of children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities will have their needs met within local mainstream early years settings, schools or colleges.

Some children and young people who have significant difficulties may require an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment in order for the council to decide whether it is necessary for it to make provision in accordance with an Education Health and Care plan (EHCP).

What is an EHCP?

An Education, Health and Care Plan is a document that clearly sets out the special educational needs of a child or young person, what support they need, and who should provide it.

  • The education section of the plan will explain what is needed for the child to achieve the best they can in their learning. It will say which school or college the child will go to.
  • The health section of the plan will set out any health services or health support that the child needs to ensure they can learn and participate fully in the curriculum.
  • The social care section of the plan will explain any services that the council will provide to support your child and family to live as ‘ordinary’ a life as possible.

Needs assessment

Requesting an EHC needs assessment

Most commonly, the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) at your child or young person’s educational setting will speak to you about submitting a request for an EHC Needs Assessment if they think it is necessary.

Before submitting this request, the school must evidence that they have been supporting your child consistently within their own resources and that they have been monitoring their progress. In Hillingdon, many schools may develop a ‘My Support Plan’ for your child before they submit a request for an EHC Needs Assessment.

Alternatively, Parents can request an EHC Needs Assessment on their child or young person’s behalf by writing to the Special Educational Needs Team on the contact details below.

A young person over 16 but under the age of 25 can also request an assessment for themselves.

Requests for EHC Needs Assessments should be directed to:

Special Educational Needs Team

Early Intervention Prevention and SEND Service, 4E/05, London Borough of Hillingdon, Civic Centre, High Street, Uxbridge, UB8 1UW

Tel: 01895 277088

How long does it take?

Once we receive a request for an EHC Needs Assessment for your child or young person, we will write to you to confirm we have received this.

The Local Authority must then notify you within six weeks of receiving the request whether or not we intend to initiate an EHC Needs Assessment.

What happens next?

If the decision is to start the EHC Needs Assessment, the Local Authority will request advice from all the professionals involved with your child or young person. This may include a visit from an Educational Psychologist and an appointment with the Child Development Centre.

The information received through the EHC Needs Assessment will be used to decide whether an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) is required.

If the decision following the EHC Needs Assessment is that an EHCP is not required, the Local Authority will inform you within 16 weeks of the date of the initial request. You will be issued with a My Support Plan which makes recommendations about the type of support the child or young person may benefit from.

If it is deemed that an EHCP is required, a draft plan will be issued. You will have 15 days from the date of issuing the plan to give your views on the plan and can submit a preference for an education setting at this stage.

The Education Health and Care Plan will  be finalised within 20 weeks of the request for an assessment.

Special Provision Capital Funding Plan

The government has created a plan to develop provision for young persons and pupils with EHCP's or statements of special educational need.

In Hillingdon we already have a strategy and plan in place to enable us to develop our provision for children and young people with SEND, which is our Additional Needs Strategy.

Further information can be found here:

SEND Capital Project Delivery Plan

Additional Need Strategy

Further support

Independent Support Programme

Independent Support is a Government funded programme to provide additional support to young people and parents during the implementation of the SEND reforms. The Council for Disabled Children (CDC) will commission a range of organisations to provide Independent Support locally across England.

Independent Supporters will be used specifically to support young people and parents through the introduction of the new assessment process and the development of Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans.

Support will be provided to:

  • new entrants to the system
  • children with a statement converting to an EHC plan
  • young people with an LDA converting to an EHC plan

For further details of the Independent Support programme please see the CDC website - http://www.councilfordisabledchildren.org.uk/independentsupport.

In Hillingdon, independent support is provided by DASH and SENDIASS.

Last reviewed: 22/09/2017

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